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Finished Basement Suite

Finished Basement Suite What You Need to Know another Income Generator A finished basement suite or apartment is an additional feature for your property with high potentials for income generation. You can convert your basement into an apartment which is an integral yet separate part of your existing home or building structure. There are numerous […]

How Should Lighting Work In Your Basement?

Your basement will certainly benefit from a great lighting setup. You will have to be cautious when making it work though. There are many variables that can go into figuring out what you can do when trying to get your basement lit up and designed the right way so it will look and feel its […]

Figuring Out the Best Flooring Material For Your Basement

A great floor will make your basement stand out but that doesn’t mean you can use any ordinary flooring surface. Your basement can still be at risk of flooding or humidity regardless of the pumps, dehumidifiers, insulation and other key features that you have to keep your basement comfortable. You can’t just use a traditional […]