Figuring Out the Best Flooring Material For Your Basement

A great floor will make your basement stand out but that doesn’t mean you can use any ordinary flooring surface. Your basement can still be at risk of flooding or humidity regardless of the pumps, dehumidifiers, insulation and other key features that you have to keep your basement comfortable.

You can’t just use a traditional wooden flooring surface like what any other room in your home might have. A regular wooden floor would just buckle and warp in a basement.

As a result, you’ll have to find a flooring material that is strong enough for a basement and is still easy to customize in any way you see fit. Luckily, there are more than enough ideal choices for you to look into.

Vinyl Tiles Are Beautiful

You can always get a vinyl tile surface added to your basement floor. This works with a series of solid and flat surfaces that may be painted in many colors. you can get tiles colored with alternating tones all around.

Vinyl tiles are easy to lay down and can come with all kinds of grout color options to blend in well with the tiles. These are also capable of resisting water quite well.

You Can Also Add Vinyl Sheets

Another choice to have in your basement is a vinyl sheet flooring set. This works with a larger series of planks similar to what you might find in a traditional wooden floor but without all the risks that come with warping and other commonplace problems that wood often deals with. Vinyl is naturally coated to keep scratches and stains from being a threat. It is less likely to suffer from fatigue when it is used properly, thus allowing it to be strong and capable of doing more for display purposes.

Laminate Wood Works Perfectly

While you clearly cannot get traditional wood into your basement floor, you can always stick with a laminate floor if desired. A laminate wood floor is made with an appearance that is similar to what you’d get out of a regular wooden floor. This is instead made with moisture-resistant polymers and papers bound with adhesive to create a better natural appearance. This works without any bothersome pores too. It is very easy to secure and can even be installed in a manner to where it is not attached to a subfloor in your basement.

Linoleum Is Another Choice

You also have the option to stick with linoleum for your floor. This is made with limestone, linseed oil and other natural compounds. Recycled wood flour may also be added. These are mixed into a strong polymer that is easy to add into any basement surface.

This is an anti-bacterial surface that resists staining and other serious problems. It can also be painted in a variety of colors and even designed with patterns all around.

The options you have for getting your floor set up in your basement are amazingly varied. You can always choose one of these great options for getting the most out of your space so it will look great and not be with any moisture or humidity-related issues.

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