How Should Lighting Work In Your Basement?

Your basement will certainly benefit from a great lighting setup. You will have to be cautious when making it work though. There are many variables that can go into figuring out what you can do when trying to get your basement lit up and designed the right way so it will look and feel its best when the lights are on.

Spread the Light Evenly

When planning lighting for your basement, you will have to get the lights to move around as evenly as possible. You’ll have to get the individual lights on your ceiling planned to where each corner is covered in some way. You can always measure these lights to where they are spaced out about five to eight feet from each other if needed. This is a necessity for the room as there’s never a guarantee that you can get natural light into a basement.

Check On Where the Light Reflects

You can always avoid adding lights in some spots where you will have items that might reflect light in. For instance, a spot in the basement where a television set will go may be prepared with fewer lights on the ceiling. This is to keep the glare of the lights from getting on the television set and making it harder to see. The light in your area will have to be properly organized carefully so it will not be too hard for you to make the most out of whatever you have to use.

How About Main Lights?

The main lights on your basement ceiling should be checked as well. These lights have to be reviewed in terms of not only how big they are but also where they are placed. A larger light with a big cover that is about two or three feet in circumference can be added in the middle part of the basement, for instance. This creates a brighter display while establishing a focal point for the basement.

Can Lights Work On the Walls?

It is typically not a good idea to add lights onto the walls in your basement. While you might have plenty of insulating features and thick walls, there is always that risk of humidity getting in the way of anything on a wall. With that in mind, you will have to avoid adding lights into the walls. This is to prevent problems like lights shorting out because of excess humidity.

What About Windows?

You can add some windows to your basement to create a bit of natural light. These windows must be added around the top in spots that are above the foundation and the outside surface so you can actually get enough light.

You can always add shades or other features to adjust how much light might come through these windows. You’ll have to add them with controls that you can actually reach without having to get on a stool.

Not all basements can benefit from having windows. Some basements might be too far deep under the surface or foundation to where windows would be worthless. Check on how your basement is organized so you can figure out if windows can work in your space.

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