Aqua Seal & Total Seal are a non-toxic, VOC free, patented pitch/polymer formulation with colour capability. This multi-application product is a water based elastomer coating with excellent adhesion characteristics allowing for ease of application in a variety of methods to various substrates.

All construction materials, especially in fluctuating climates, are subjected to internal instabilities and movement. Once applied and cured to a particular substrate,Aqua Seal & Total Seal withstands the movement and stress created by that substrate. This stress is absorbed into the coatings bulk layers’ elastomeric properties. In hard coatings such as polyureas and polyurethanes, the bulk layer can suffer adhesive failure at the substrate much more readily owing to their poor ability to disperse stress throughout the layer. Various substrate configurations including those at wall and floor joints are exposed to large stress-related failures due to the hard coatings’, such as concrete applications, inability to move. As Aqua Seal & Total Seal easily moves at these areas and endures these stresses due to its elastomeric qualities and barrier properties, it will be engineers’ preferred coating to withstand the identified exposure factors.

AGM Aqua Seal - Waterproof

AGM Total Seal - Mold / Rust

AGM Total Seal - Radon

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